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Develop Skills For Life

Kids undergo some of the most rapid development of their lives during elementary school. Between the early years and the time they’re ready to start middle or high school, elementary-aged students become literate, learn about the world around them and develop significantly both socially and physically. For this environment, you need sturdy, engaging and inclusive school playground equipment that’s is enriching and brings excitement to your play area.

For more than nine decades, Miracle® Recreation has been helping schools serve their students by designing thrilling play spaces that encourage development and growth.

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Considerations When Choosing Playground Equipment for Elementary Schools

The “Thrill” Factor

Kids won’t play on playgrounds that aren’t exciting. That's why Miracle Recreation works with you to design the kind of play spaces that will keep students engaged and interested day after day, and year after year.


Designing playgrounds at elementary schools can be a challenge because students in each class have a wide range of ages and abilities. That’s why it is essential to build an inclusive playground that all children can use.

Customization Options

You may have a playground theme you wish to incorporate at your school — for example, your school may be known for athletics, music or another area you may want to emphasize on your playground.


For administrators, educators and parents, safety is paramount. Miracle Recreation offers carefully tested equipment made with high-quality safety details, such as sturdy grips for little hands.


Teachers and supervisors need to be able to see the kids at all times in order to keep everyone safe. Miracle Recreation can help you develop a play space that keeps all areas visible.

Childhood Development

Playgrounds at schools are yet another way for students to learn — even if they don’t realize it. Play can help elementary students develop social and emotional skills, physical strength and balance, and more.


Outdoor playground equipment at schools must be able to handle the elements, as well as several generations of children. Miracle Recreation designs high-quality playgrounds, which we build and coat to ensure they last.

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