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Early Childhood Playground Equipment That Helps Kids Grow

Playgrounds for daycares and preschools present a unique set of challenges. The playground environment you create needs to provide appropriate levels of challenge and activity for children in this age range, while accommodating the different levels of ability and rates at which they develop and learn. You also need to consider giving caregivers the visibility and space to help kids when they need it, as well as provide special features to keep these younger children safe as they play.

For more than nine decades, Miracle® Recreation has been helping daycares and preschools serving kids ages 2–5 with playground equipment designed for early childhood development.

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Considerations When Choosing Outdoor Play Equipment for Your Preschool or Daycare

Development-Focused Play Equipment

Play can be an extremely enriching experience, especially if you select activity panels designed to encourage learning. You can also choose play equipment intended to stimulate the senses of younger kids.


Preschool and daycare equipment sees a lot of use, and some kids can be pretty tough on it. That's why our commercial equipment for preschools and daycares is made from durable, specially coated components.

Activities Appropriate for the Age Group

Playgrounds for older children may not be safe for children between the ages of two and five. Having play spaces that are designated specifically for younger children will also help them develop skills.

Features Created to Promote Safety

Kids in the 2–5-year-old age group are growing fast and developing physically, but they may still need support with judgment, strength, balance and coordination when compared with older children.

Creative, Interactive Play

Children between the ages of two and five develop at different speeds, and inclusive play equipment encourages creativity, social interaction and fun for kids at all stages of development.

Considerations for Younger Kids

Playground equipment for daycare centers and preschools is very different than play equipment designed for older students. Preschool outdoor play equipment needs to consider special safety standards for younger children, including reduced heights, sturdier surfaces and more. Children between the ages of two and five are still developing core muscle groups, coordination, balance and other skills and abilities — they need play equipment that’s exciting and encourages their mental and social development, but also allows them to play safely as they work on their physical strength.

With Miracle Recreation, you can find preschool and daycare playground equipment designed explicitly for this younger age group. As leaders in playground equipment, we have helped create hundreds of play areas for daycare centers and preschools, including innovative and fun playgrounds around specific themes, limited space considerations, and budgets of all sizes.

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