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Hyperbolix™ presents a web of challenges that test a child’s proprioception and vestibular system. Rope netting and handlebars alternate on each side of the metal, octagonal frames for varied climbing. Its center can be left open for kids to go through, or it can be covered with flextread for further play opportunities.

With versatile design, these structures can be connected to form an intricate test of skills, or serve as the perfect spot to recline and socialize with friends. Its parabolic curve offers numerous configuration options; connect Hyperbolix to a deck to encourage exploration and motivate new games, connect them with each other for an expansive climbing experience, or even use it as a standalone event. However it is used, Hyperbolix is sure to provide kids with a unique, exciting climbing opportunity.


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Champions Trek

Our expanded Champions Trek product line gets hearts pumping and feet flying faster than ever with exciting new challenges to conquer. Featuring events that test balance, coordination, and strength, kids ages 5 – 12 can climb, swing, and run across an athletic adventure. Whether they leave their mark on your playground’s history book or just enjoy the rush of dynamic play, Champions Trek helps kids achieve life-long levels of confidence and resilience.

Miracle Machines

Kids learn so much through play, from building their cognitive skills to developing their senses. Now, they can learn even more with Miracle Machines; STEM/STEAM-focused play panels that engage everyone ages 2 and up. To create these whimsical panels, we’ve partnered with The Rube Goldberg® Institute For Innovation & Creativity, a nonprofit organization that encourages creativity and access to STEM and STEAM education through the creation of comical and overcomplicated chain-reaction machines that achieve a simple task.

Featuring accompanying sounds and easily accessible design along with opportunities for cognitive learning, fine-motor development, and cause-and-effect insights, Miracle Machines make the perfect addition to any inclusive playground.


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PlaySoleil is a patent-pending, solar-powered light durably designed to fit easily into the posts of new or existing playground structures. Shining light in a downward trajectory from atop the equipment, PlaySoleil illuminates playgrounds, discouraging unwanted after-hours activity without the need to run electricity. Contact your Local Sales Representative for more details about PlaySoleil.

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