Phyzics® Moon

COMING SOON! Phyzics® Moon

All children can become lunar explorers with Miracle’s new Phyzics Moon. This frame net climber lets many children play together on the same piece of equipment, and provides varying levels of challenge to keep even older children engaged. With Hurricane Rings, JAX®, Orbs, and more, Phyzics Moon brings Miracle’s legacy of exciting design to an entirely playable surface that will attract thrill-seeking explorers to your playground!

Phyzics® Full Moon

Phyzics Full Moon is an eye-catching piece packed with play value. It combines rope with more traditional Miracle pieces to create an iconic event that stands apart from standard post and platform systems.

Phyzics® New Moon

Phyzics New Moon has the thrill of Full Moon, but in a smaller footprint to accommodate tighter budgets and spaces.

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