Phyzics® Moon

Phyzics® Moon

Soar past the stratosphere with our Phyzics® Moon collection! Featuring a mix of climbing challenges, proprioceptive thrills, and social spots, this modern lineup encourages kids ages 5 – 12 years old to build their all-around skills, meet new friends, and create lifelong memories.

Why freestanding play?

Freestanding play inspires kids to be bold and confident in their decision making. The Phyzics Moon collection not only builds all kinds of physical and cognitive skills, but also fosters independence as kids choose how they wish to explore each structure.

Choose Your Moon

We have a variety of configurations in our orbit, allowing you to find the best fit for your play space.

Phyzics® Full Moon

Designed so that kids can create their own play paths, Phyzics Full Moon features an open frame net design filled with Miracle favorites. A JAX® climber, flextread hammock, and Hurricane climbers are located in the interior, while arched Orbs climbers and angled flextread climbers are located on the perimeter.

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Phyzics® Full Moon with Chameleon Slide

Nothing feels better after a tough climb than sliding back to the ground! Adding Chameleon Slide to Phyzics® Full Moon not only increases the structure’s play value—it builds aesthetic through a sleek, eye-catching hood.

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Phyzics® Full Moon for Lumen Link

Connect Phyzics Full Moon to other equipment using Axial Link! Two flextread panel inserts are featured in this grid-patterned net, offering kids a chance to rest and chat before continuing on their journey.

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Phyzics® New Moon

Phyzics New Moon packs in the play value! Kids can explore the JAX® climber, Hurricane climbers, and flextread hammock in the interior, or travel across the angled nets extending from the perimeter of this frame net climber.

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Phyzics® Crescent

Kids can climb this arched structure using the flextread and handholds, the asymmetrical rungs, or Bumper Ladder. A rope and steel climber in the center also leads from the ground level to the top of the arch.

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Phyzics® Phaze

Asymmetrical rungs form the main arch of this climber, challenging kids as they race to Chameleon Slide at the top. Climbing bars are suspended below, providing a ground-level climbing challenge or cozy hangout space.

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Can’t decide? Create your own galaxy of Phyzics Moon structures!

Explore the New Phyzics Moon for your Playground!

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