Community Build

Build Your Playground and Your Community Spirit

Playgrounds are natural gathering places where local children and families from all walks of life can play and socialize together with a shared sense of community. When developing your playground, you can rally that community spirit and enthusiasm to recruit local volunteers to join you in a Community Build project.

What is a Community Playground Build?

Establishing a community build playground project can save you money, and prove to be a very valuable and rewarding experience.

A professionally supervised installation using volunteers from your community.

  • We provide the guidance.
  • Your community provides the sweat!

What Are the Benefits of a Community Build Playground?

  • More playground for your money
  • Up to 30% total project savings
  • Builds strong relationships with civic groups and neighbors
  • Creates a sense of community pride and ownership

Can You Do a Playground Community Build?

What are the things that need to be considered in order to do a community build?

  • Organizing 5-8 committees and recruiting volunteers
  • Fundraising and/or seeking in-kind donations
  • Volunteer training
  • Involving kids
  • Safety
  • Site prep and/or old playground removal
  • Build day activities, equipment, food, and drink
  • Hard, physical and rewarding work
  • Grand opening planning and celebration

Get Your Playground Community Build Started

Contact your local Miracle Recreation representative to begin organizing your Community Build today.

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