Government Financing Programs

If you’re looking for effective and creative ways to pay for playground shade, site upgrades, shelter structures, equipment, outdoor fitness equipment and safety surfacing, Miracle Recreation Equipment Company® can help. You could also benefit from commercial playground government financing options, whether you’re in charge of a school, park, day care or other business.

We have curated a comprehensive government financing guide to help you bring your vision of safe play to life.

Benefits of Enrolling in a Playground Equipment Leasing Program

If you fund your new playground through a government leasing program, you can enjoy several benefits. For example, a government financing option won’t require you to raise all the funds upfront. This gives you the ability to purchase more playground equipment than you initially considered. 

Other benefits of a government leasing program are:

  • Attractive rates.
  • Purchasing flexibility.
  • Potential tax advantages.
  • The ability to preserve cash.
  • The ability to invest in better equipment.
  • A straightforward, step-by-step process.
  • The versatility and convenience of building your play space now.
  • The ability to retain some liquid assets without investing them all in purchase costs.

Leasing and Financing Options for New Playgrounds 

Government leasing programs offer affordable, simple ways to fund your commercial play space and pay for it over time. Combined with fundraising, leasing can be a powerful way to make a playground more affordable than you imagined. Our leasing partners — Marlin Leasing and NCL Government Capital — work with a wide range of commercial businesses as well as local, state and corporate nonprofits.

  • Marlin Leasing Corporation. Applying for a Marlin equipment lease is simple and easy. Marlin is a direct lender providing financing and equipment leasing options to businesses so they can acquire new technology while preserving capital.  
  • NCL Government Capital. When you finance your playground through NCL Government Capital, you’re choosing the only Sourcewell-awarded vendor offering government financing programs to the cooperative membership. NCL allows you to purchase high-quality playground equipment with a Miracle Recreation contract and finance your new playground with a government financing program. 

Start Looking for Government Financing Options Today

Miracle Recreation has worked with numerous customers to help secure playground financing, including preschools, day cares, churches, parks, nonprofit organizations, schools and recreation departments.

As one of the largest and oldest playground manufacturers globally, we are dedicated to creating durable, safe equipment and innovative new products for communities everywhere. Miracle offers the widest selection of play equipment designed to thrill at the right prices.

For more information about government financing programs, including Marlin equipment leasing, NCL Government Capital financing and special government pricing, reach out to your local Miracle Recreation representative today.

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