Playground Phasing

Playground Phasing

Playgrounds quickly become the center of any community, bringing kids of all ages together to play, connect and explore. Incorporating a new playground onto your property can create invaluable opportunities for family fun and business growth. For many organizations, however, time and funds can stand in the way of making playground goals a reality.

Miracle® Recreation’s playground equipment is modular, which makes phasing easy. You can start by building out one small segment of your park and add more equipment and amenities later. Playground phasing gives you the freedom to decide exactly when and how your playground is built — and invites your community members to enjoy it in the meantime.

How Phasing Streamlines Plans for Building a Playground

Project phasing involves breaking down a playground’s construction into several smaller stages. Instead of building your entire playground upfront, you can create your design at your own pace. Phasing allows you to install playground pieces segment by segment and spread out your payments over a manageable period. You can split the project into as many phases as you need to fit your requirements and resources.

Whether you are a small business, a school, park, daycare center or church, you can get your project underway with modular equipment from Miracle. Simply build out your playground structures over time as your funds and resources allow.

If playground phasing is part of your plan, our representatives can work with you to supply the equipment you need when you need it. When you incorporate phasing into your playground planning, you’ll get several key advantages, including:

  • Flexibility: With phasing, you’re able to implement as many phases as you need, add or remove features at any time, or phase up sooner based on your requirements and resources.
  • Control: The phasing process gives you control over the project progress, time frame and final result.
  • Budgeting: Whether you’re using a crowdfunding approach to building your playground or setting funding aside, building in stages allows you to make manageable payments when you have the resources available.

Create Your Custom Playground Plan Today

Miracle Recreation has been a staple in the world of play since 1927. Our founder was inspired by the idea of improving the world through discovery and fun — and we’ve been chasing this inspiration for more than 90 years. We’re known for creating innovative, unique and inclusive playground equipment that is accessible to kids of all ages.

Our products are manufactured locally and meet the strictest industry standards so that our customers can enjoy full peace of mind. A seasoned team of designers and engineers ensures every structure can withstand the elements and is built to last. Rediscover the thrill of play and empower your community to do the same through our affordable, flexible playground project options.

Do you want information about creative ways to get funding and explore your creative vision for a playground? If you’d like to learn more about funding options for your playground project, our team can provide trusted resources and expertise. Find a representative near you to begin bringing the fun to your community.