Extreme Generation

Taking Thrill to New Heights with Extreme Generation (XGEN) Playground Equipment

The Miracle® Recreation line of Extreme Generation playground equipment is a towering achievement in playground excitement! With its rope-course-inspired events, skyscraping towers and fully enclosed skyways, the XGEN extreme playground gives today’s kids the extreme physical challenges they demand, safely providing the perceived risk that keeps them coming back for more high-flying thrills.

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Our XGEN extreme playground equipment gives you many options.

  • Structures. Our complete structures make it easy to set up a thrilling play area. Our designs include everything needed for hours of play, including different climbers, slides and decks that allow children to safely play far off the ground. From skyscraper-like towers that are nearly 30 feet tall to rope-course inspired skyways, our line of XGEN equipment pushes the limits of play into the sky.
  • Tuff-Net Panels. Our Extreme Generation products use Tuff-Net Panels – an industry exclusive form of playground paneling that provides visibility and the feeling of openness, while still keeping children completely enclosed and safe from falling as they bravely explore new heights.
  • Unique Roof Designs. XGEN roofs work double-time, giving a modern aesthetic to your playground, but also providing shade to users while they play.
  • Colors. Visual appeal is a big part of play. Miracle Recreation offers a range of hues so you can make your playspace yours. You can take your pick of our pre-selected XGEN color palettes, or choose your own colors in order to fully customize your equipment.
  • Additional options in our brochure. Looking for more? Want a little inspiration? View our brochure to browse our playground equipment and possible adventure play configurations. From some of the tallest and longest slides on the market, to suspended rings for climbing to new heights, XGEN equipment is designed to take thrilling playground equipment to the next level.

And while our exciting XGEN extreme playground equipment lets kids climb high and explore movement in unique ways, you can rest easy: Every item in our brochure delivers thrills for kids, but also adheres to or exceeds all relevant safety standards.