Trafalgar Park, Ontario

Trafalgar Park in Oakville, Ontario has a new playground designed by Playpower Canada. Fun is the center of attention with a Center Stage system, which brings maximum functionality and play value to any play space.

The fun all revolves around the central pedestal— from there, you can connect a wide of variety of play components, such as bridges, slides, climbers, nets, ladders, ramps, and crawl tubes, available in your choice of color combinations to coordinate perfectly with any playground design or theme.

The new playground also has an Avalanche Inclusive Slide, the first and only accessible slide of its kind. Children of all abilities can access the slide from the ground level, pull themselves up by the side rail, then let go and let gravity whoosh them back down the slide.

The Avalanche Inclusive Slide is a new inclusive version of the Miracle Earn-A-Slide, developed and patented by Miracle founder Claude Ahrens and his son Paul in the 1970s. It was called the Earn-A-Slide because if you wanted to make your way to the top of the slide, you had to earn it. Kids would either have to run fast enough to scamper up this slick, angular sheet of metal, or pull themselves up using the thin railing on its side without slipping as they climbed.

The playground’s interactive panels ensure all children can enjoy the nurturing and valuable elements of tactile play. Interactive play panels offer all children the chance to explore and engage their sense of touch.

Whether you’re looking to build a new playground, or update your existing playground, Miracle Recreation offers a variety of equipment to take care of your commercial playground needs. Our representatives work with you to create a thrilling play experience to fit your space and budget. Make fun the center of your play space by contacting your local Miracle Recreation representative today!

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