Inclusive & ADA Compliant

Inclusive & ADA-Compliant Playground Equipment

If you have a commercial playground, investing in inclusion is essential. ADA-compliant means that you need to have play equipment and a space that people with limited mobility who are in wheelchairs and other mobility devices can access. An inclusive playground goes a step beyond that to ensure that caregivers and children of all abilities can enjoy the space.

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Why Comply with ADA Rules?

In the 1980s, the American Disabilities Act (ADA) was created to ensure that Americans with disabilities are able to access public spaces. The act was updated in 2010, with further regulations on accessible play spaces. Failure to comply with the ADA requirements can result in fines or legal action, so it’s important to make sure the equipment you choose is ADA compliant.

Having accessible and inclusive playground equipment is one of the best benefits you can offer to the community you serve. Accessibility and inclusion ensure that children and caregivers with disabilities are able to access your space and enjoy the thrill of play.

Looking Beyond ADA Standards

Miracle® Recreation has a range of products to help you make your playground accessible to children and caregivers of all abilities. We call these inclusive playspaces “Playgrounds for All.” Each Miracle Playground for All is designed to welcome everyone of different ages and abilities and supports the following five fundamentals:

  • Provide multi-sensory play experiences
  • Encourage all children to play
  • Allow greater accessibility
  • Ensure kids do not get overwhelmed
  • Create welcoming social environments

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