Dog Park Equipment

Dog Park Equipment

Our Dog Park equipment are made of the highest quality materials, so they’re durable enough to stand up to ruff and tough play. The products provide opportunities for exercise, training, teamwork, fun, and learning new skills! They promote socialization for dogs and people, and encourage an active lifestyle for both. Our outdoor Dog Park equipment caters to any size dog, and all skill levels can enjoy them.

Please note: creating large and small dog areas is a good practice. Fencing and double gated entries are strongly recommended. Whether your best friend wants to practice agility, hurdles, or jump through hoops like a good boy (or girl), we’ve got the products you need to bring a destination dog park to your community.

The Benefits of Outdoor Dog Park Equipment

Investing in commercial outdoor dog park equipment in your neighborhood offers many benefits, including:

  • Keeping dogs healthy: Dog park equipment helps pet owners keep their dogs in good physical shape. If community members work long hours, they may not have the opportunity to take their pets outside as often as they’d like. Dog parks encourage owners to bring their pets outdoors, keeping them healthy and happy. When dogs get the exercise they need and crave, humans may notice a decrease in the level of troublesome behavior from their pets.
  • Socializing dogs correctly: Like kids, dogs learn confidence, balance, and positive social behaviors through play. By providing a dog park, you can encourage pet owners to teach their dogs how to interact with other dogs in a friendly manner. If the dog is overly aggressive or protective, or routinely acts afraid of people and other dogs, regular training and socialization in a dog park can help to turn that behavior around.

Why Dog Parks Are Beneficial for Dog Owners

When it comes to outdoor dog park equipment, it’s not just canines that can benefit. Visiting a community dog park is advantageous to humans for a variety of reasons. In these parks, people can:

  • Let go of the leash: When pet owners are able to walk or jog without their pet on the other end of the leash, it can be a relief. Many community members may enjoy the freedom of movement they experience at your park. 
  • Play with pets safely: Dog parks allow pet owners to let their pets play in a safe area instead of resorting to busy community streets. 
  • Meet other people: Dogs get a chance to socialize, and their owners do as well. 
  • Learn a few things: Dog parks offer a prime opportunity for pet owners to learn about their dogs’ behavior. For instance, community members may learn on their first visit to a dog park that they have more — or less — control over their pet than they thought.  
  • Enjoy amenities: Many dog parks offer tables, benches, or places to sit in the shade — amenities that community members will likely appreciate. 
  • Share lessons learned: When pet owners commune with other owners, they often discover useful tips about how to relate to their dog. Dog parks allow community members to share experiences and swap lessons learned.

Dog Triple and Single Hoop

Our Dog Hoops give man’s best friend the chance to perfect their agility. Choose from a Single Hoop or Triple Hoops depending on dog size and ability. Our large Single Hoop helps dogs get used to jumping through a designated space while building confidence. Triple Hoop accommodates dogs of different sizes and abilities, giving dogs and their owners something to work on together. These Hoops introduce pooches to agility obstacles while building coordination and strength/conditioning. Use hoops individually or group them together to provide different challenges!

Dog Single Hoop

Dog Triple Hoop

Dog Crawl Tunnel

This tunnel gives dogs of all sizes a chance to practice their agility and obedience. This tunnel builds confidence for going into a closed space and out following their owner’s directions, even when they have to take their eyes off their owner inside the tunnel.

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Dog Steppers

These steppers help develop balance and body positioning, timing, and coordination. Choose colors to add a playful pop of color to your dog park. Dog Steppers come in sets of 5.

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Dog Agility Weave Poles

Dogs can improve their agility as they weave in and out of these durable poles. These poles are sold individually. Position anywhere from 5 to 12 poles about 2’ apart in a straight line to build speed, focus, and coordination.

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Dog Pentagon and Hexagon Hurdle

Help your pup refine his or her agility skills with hurdles. Vary the challenge level with different shapes and heights. These Hurdles provide a fast-paced obstacle with lots of excitement. The Pentagon Hurdle is larger with a customizable routed design (customization is an extra charge). Hexagon is suitable for most dog sizes, and builds coordination and strength/conditioning, while Pentagon is ideal for larger breeds. These jumping products can be used in a row, alone, or offset for different challenges. Use one hurdle or group them together for an extra challenge.

Dog Pentagon Hurdle

Dog Hexagon Hurdle

Dog Walk Ramp

A classic feature in any dog park! Our Dog Walk Ramp builds confidence, balance, and following directions. Dogs practice going up, across, and back down without jumping off or skipping sections to build patience and control. The ramp also helps dogs get comfortable with heights and being on a platform off the ground.

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Dog Fire Hydrant

Keep your dog park clean (and landscaping pristine!) by providing a place for your pet to relieve themselves.

Dog Fire Hydrant

Dog Small and Dog Large Loop

Your good boy or girl will love practicing their agility as they pass under our Large or Small Loop. These loops are great for conditioning your dog to follow directions and go through obstacles. Perfect for dogs of all ages, abilities and sizes, and an ideal introduction to following through obstacles and coordination. Use a combination of both Loops to add variety to your dog park.

Dog Small Loop

Dog Large Loop

Dog Leash Rack

Every hardworking pooch needs a place to hang his or her leash! Keeps leashes organized while dogs play.

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Spark Dog Joy With Outdoor Dog Park Equipment From Miracle® Recreation

For nearly a century, Miracle has been creating imaginative play spaces that bring communities together. We are committed to creating playground equipment — for both dogs and humans — that meets the highest standards, focusing on accessibility, durability, and structural integrity above all else. 

As a trusted leader in the playground industry, we are dedicated to creating a fun environment where dogs can stretch their legs and enjoy the interaction with other dogs. With a dog park, you’ll encourage healthier pets and people, enhancing the quality of life in your community. 

Contact us online for more information about how we can help bring joy to your community with dog park equipment. 

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