Tots’ Choice®

Big Play Value on a Budget

See how Miracle® Recreation combines flexibility and value in our Tots’ Choice systems for our most budget-friendly and affordable commercial playground equipment line ever — perfect for neighborhoods, schools, and churches that need to be mindful of their budgets. These playgrounds offer big play value with 3.5-inch posts, flexibility and innovative features compatible with any budget or age range.

Cut Costs, Not Fun

Many budget-friendly commercial playgrounds cut corners, but Miracle Recreation has worked to offer high quality and a range of options in our Tots’ Choice line. We never cut corners when it comes to safety, so you can expect durable and high-quality materials and carefully-tested components that you can install with absolute confidence. Every piece in our Tots’ Choice line meets or exceeds all relevant safety standards, and they are engineered to last.

We offer a wide variety of structures through our Tots’ Choice line, so your school or community can get just the style you’re looking for, all while sticking within budget. View our structures today. To learn more or to get help designing your play area, contact a Miracle Recreation representative or get a free quote.

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