What Are the Benefits of Installing Outdoor Playground Equipment?

What are the benefits of installing outdoor playground equipment?

Installing new outdoor playground equipment is a great way to offer kids a fun, engaging place for unstructured play. Whether you are in charge of a recreation center or church, having a playground can benefit your entire community. Visitors are attracted to playgrounds for several reasons, including the chance to get fresh air and social distance safely.

The benefits of a designated play area expand far beyond the fun of a new slide and the joys of conquering a climber. Miracle® Recreation offers unique, high-quality playground equipment designed to enhance learning and self-discovery. Below are several reasons many parks, schools, communities and organizations hold outdoor playground equipment in such high regard.

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Attract Crowds Who Want to Spend More Time Outdoors

People seek out opportunities to improve their health and enhance their happiness. Spending time outdoors can boost both mood and well-being for kids and adults alike.

Today, kids spend much of their time watching new videos and playing games on their devices. Kids ages 8 to 12 spend an average of four and a half hours on a screen daily, and playing outdoors often takes a back seat. Teaching kids to unplug from their technology and engage in physical activities is an important lesson.

Individuals who spend ample time in nature are more inclined to seek recreational activities that benefit health and offer a much-needed break from everyday responsibilities.

Studies have shown that spending a few hours outside weekly is linked with a lower risk for:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma

This time outside can also encourage mental well-being.

An outdoor playground can attract crowds looking to get some fresh air all year long. Unlike splashing in a swimming pool or building a snowman, kids can enjoy playground equipment during every season.

Get Student Outside for Recess

Get Students Outside for Recess

For students, getting outside during the day is an important and necessary break for improving focus. It is also a means of burning excess energy that interferes with performance, making that time outdoors an essential part of any child’s school day.

Having regular recess breaks can help kids:

  • Enhance brain function
  • Promote interpersonal and social skills
  • Reduce obesity
  • Decrease stress

Schools are learning the advantages of recess and how unstructured play is beneficial for kids and the classroom. Communities should consider enhancing recess breaks with a high-quality playground. Miracle Recreation sensory playground products boost creativity and inspire learning. Our play pieces like the Concerto Vibes or Cyclo Cone Plus Climber offer kids a wonderful sensory experience for keeping them engaged throughout their recess break.

Host Events Outdoors

An outdoor playground is a great amenity for parks or other community areas. This space is a perfect spot for hosting events for kids since they can play games and entertain themselves. If you have a location that can accommodate popular events like birthday parties or picnic playdates, you can attract more visitors to your site.

Provide the Benefits of Outdoor Play to Kids

Spending time engaging in outdoor play offers many benefits for kids. Did you know science suggests that school-aged kids need three hours of outdoor play daily? A playground is an ideal place for children to engage in unstructured play and develop new skills.

From getting fresh air to working on interpersonal relationships, a playground promotes growth differently than playing inside. The following are some of the greatest benefits of outdoor play for kids.

Building Social Skills

Youngsters discover how to interact with other people through unstructured play, so playgrounds are wonderful environments to learn skills like:

  • Collaborating with others
  • Making new friends
  • Working with other people
  • Sharing and compromising with others

In addition to learning important social skills, kids have the opportunity to see how their peers handle adversity and respond to others without the structure of a classroom or home.

Enhancing Cognitive Development

A playground is a great place for furthering a child’s cognitive development. With Miracle Recreation equipment, kids can work on the following cognitive functions:

  • Imagination
  • Problem-solving
  • Memory
  • Connecting
  • Reasoning

Children develop operational thinking during their school-aged years. The Miracle Recreation Phyzics Full Moon accommodates various levels of challenge while working on balance and coordination. Our Sensory Maze provides kids with an opportunity to practice problem-solving.

little boys going down double slide

Promoting Movement

Movement is an important part of every child’s life. When kids play on playground equipment, they learn the joys of being active and the value of taking breaks. Incorporating movement into a child’s day allows them to pay better attention when it matters. Getting active also promotes a good night’s sleep. It is beneficial for kids to learn the value of daily movement as it encourages a healthy lifestyle.

The Benefits of Playground Equipment in Schools

Both the students and the local community benefit when a school installs playground equipment. Classes can take much-needed recess breaks that are important for optimal performance. Taking time for physical activity allows kids to decrease stress and offers motivation to do schoolwork. Students get the chance to put their imaginations into action.

Outdoor playtime is essential for kids to reach their greatest potential in the classroom. Taking time throughout the day for exploration allows them to pay closer attention to lessons and assignments. After-school activities on campus can also utilize the playground for activities or games. Plus, schools and local organizations can use the playground for hosting events.

Offer More Room for Safe Social Distancing

Kids need to get outside and play because that time is an important part of their well-being and development. Playing can have the following impact on kids:

  • Reduces stress
  • Offers social interaction
  • Boosts the development of healthy coping mechanisms
  • Aids in emotional intelligence development

With these benefits in mind, caregivers allow their kids that vital time to use their imagination and interact with peers outside so that everyone can social distance safely.

Outdoor playgrounds are a great place for meeting and getting kids active. However, proper social distancing may be an afterthought for other playground designers. With Miracle Recreation, you can customize your new outdoor equipment setup to accommodate safe social distancing practices.

3 Tips for Planning Your Playground for Safe Social Distancing

Whether you’re interested in installing new playground equipment or adding new play pieces to an existing setup, you can incorporate some elements that make social distancing easier:

1. Install Playground Pieces in Pods

One solution for social distancing is installing smaller groups of equipment away from the primary playground setup. This setup allows kids to play at a safe distance from one another.

Some developers spread smaller playgrounds throughout a park or town instead of installing one larger, centralized playground, and Miracle Recreation has a wide selection of playground elements that are perfect for pod setups. Our climbers attract playground visitors and accommodate a wide range of ages. Pieces like the Ladybug Climber and the Ten Spin are engaging for kids, and the smaller pods may draw audiences who are interested in social distancing.

2. Include Playground Elements for Individual Play

Another solution for designing a playground for social distancing is incorporating elements that kids can play with individually. Solo play is important for exercising a kid’s imagination. The Garden Sensory Wall from Miracle Recreation is a great option for kids playing independently.

3. Use Signs to Guide Visitors

One of the easiest tips for installing an outdoor playground for social distancing is including signs to remind visitors to stay six feet apart. Additional signage can include specified areas for distanced or individual play. Having a measure of six feet helps show visitors what a safe distance between people looks like. Signs reminding visitors to wash their hands can also help promote playground hygiene.

Enjoy Minimal Space Limitations Compared to Indoor Playgrounds

One of the greatest benefits of installing outdoor play equipment is the minimal space limitations compared to indoor play setups. Kids can be more active and engage in healthy activities. From climbing to jumping, playgrounds offer kids the chance to boost cardiovascular health and overall strength. Indoor options are not as suitable for vigorous play. Larger pieces of equipment also require more space than indoor areas can typically accommodate.

5 Advantages of Outdoor Playgrounds

Outdoor playgrounds offer a few benefits over indoor options. The following are five advantages of installing play equipment outside rather than setting up indoor play equipment, from unplugging from technology to having more space for activities.

1. Fresh Air and Sunshine

Playing outside offers kids the chance to breathe fresh air and absorb some sunlight. Sun exposure allows our bodies to produce vitamin D, a necessary vitamin for bone development and immune support. Getting outdoors is also important for optimal mood and sleep.

2. Social Distancing

Outdoor playgrounds typically accommodate social distancing and other safe social practices better than indoor playgrounds. Outdoor setups are usually more spacious and spread out, so kids can play together or separately. Installing outdoor equipment strategically to support physical boundaries offers communities a place for kids to play in a safer personal bubble.

3. Giving Eyes a Break

Kids are constantly using technology for both school and entertainment. Devices can cause eye strain, and giving our eyes a break is necessary from time to time. When kids have an outdoor playground, they are much more likely to part with their tablets or video games to play on the equipment compared to most indoor options. Reducing screen time is an added benefit of getting kids to outdoor playgrounds.

4. More Room for Activities

When kids play indoors, there is a limited amount of room for getting active and playing games. Outdoor playgrounds offer kids more freedom to play creatively and move around. Certain playground elements like Miracle Recreation Arch Swings and Alta Glide Flex are only conducive for outside setups.

5. Multisensory Experience

When kids play outdoors, they have the opportunity to connect with their surroundings in a different way than inside. Acquiring an appreciation for nature begins while kids are young, and outdoor playgrounds also offer a multisensory environment for kids to learn how to cope with busy stimuli.

boys going across playground steppers

Have Complete Design Freedom

When installing outdoor playground equipment from Miracle Recreation, you have the opportunity to create play spaces that influence creativity and imagination. Our custom design process involves the following steps:

  • Contact us: Begin by reaching out to one of our representatives and sharing the ideas you have for your community’s dream playground.
  • Explore our products: The next step is discovering what Miracle Recreation has to offer, including customizable pieces and plenty of options to choose from.
  • Refine your designs: When you work with one of our representatives, you define your playground and determine exactly how you want the new equipment organized and what you want it to look like.
  • Playtime: Once you and one of our reps finalize the designs, Miracle Recreation will work to bring your playground to life!

Cater to Community Needs

When deciding on and creating the perfect playground for your community, it is crucial to consider accessibility and inclusivity. Miracle Recreation offers a Playground for All program. By intentionally designing equipment for children with disabilities and mobility aids like wheelchairs, you give everyone a chance to participate in the fun.

These values are the five fundamentals that Miracle’s Playgrounds for All program provides:

  1. Multisensory play
  2. Encouragement for all
  3. Greater accessibility
  4. Support for kids on the autism spectrum
  5. A welcoming social environment

Find Pieces That Complement Your Community

Designing a playground for your community is a fun way to give back. At Miracle Recreation, our products reflect a wide range of environments. You can find pieces to complement your area’s wildlife or organization’s branding.

For example, a recreation center near a beach might include the Coral Reef Climber or Hammerhead Shark Climber from Miracle Recreation. A park with rock climbing amenities might include the Miracle Recreation Mt. Kilimanjaro rock so that the kids can get in on the fun with their own kid-sized version.

Add a Unique Attraction

When deciding on the right playground equipment, consider adding a unique attraction that will get your play area to stand out. Sculpted play elements from Miracle Recreation are a fresh and exciting addition to any playground. Kids are bound to remember unusual playground pieces like the Tucson Turtle Climber or the Gorilla Tunnel Climber.

Another way to customize your new playground is to choose a playground theme. Miracle Recreation can assist you in creating a one-of-a-kind themed experience when designing outdoor play equipment for children. From climbers to slides, our expert design team can help bring your theme to life.

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Shop Miracle Recreation for Your New Outdoor Playground Equipment

Miracle Recreation has provided high-quality equipment for communities for nearly a century. We believe important life skills such as exploration and leadership begin on the playground. With the freedom to explore, kids and adults alike can enjoy witnessing the journey of self-discovery through play and time spent outdoors.

Enhancing childhood development is just one of the many benefits of outdoor playground equipment. Getting kids out of their comfort zones through play should be a daily occurrence. Miracle playgrounds are durable and built to last, so your community can enjoy endless time spent experimenting and learning.

Do you need help selecting playground equipment or have additional questions? Find your local Miracle Recreation sales representative today!