Playground Fundraising

It’s no secret that in today’s economic climate everyone is spending less.  Parks, schools, and churches are no exception.  So where can you find the funds to help make your playground a reality?  Miracle Recreation offers a FunRaising program that can play an integral part in helping you organize an effort to raise funds for your project.

Fundraising can be extremely successful when given the tools to execute it properly.  With Miracle Recreation, our representatives can provide a customized program designed specifically for you.  Our programs utilize both food and non-food programs, with up to 50% profit and free shipping for all purchases.  Plus, we will be there to assist you before, during and after the fundraiser, providing you with free brochures, letters, and a customized website for your project that will allow donors to submit donations using major credit cards or PayPal.  Here is an example of a recent website fundraiser that was done for Joplin:

Marketing your project is an important step to maximize your results, and our Miracle Recreation representatives can help in that area as well.  Once you have decided the scope of your commercial playground equipment and its features, Miracle Recreation will provide a professional 3D rendering of your design that can be displayed at area businesses and schools to request support.

When it comes to marketing your project, get creative.  Here are a few examples of ideas that can help garner interest in your program:

  • Publish a press release to the local media to request support
  • Hold a contest for the design of the official project t-shirt, and then sell the t-shirt as a fundraiser
  • Solicit service groups, local businesses, churches, schools for support: including equipment, food and manpower
  • Hold fundraising picnics and dinners for your community

For more examples of successful fundraising programs and questions about how Miracle Recreation can help, contact your local Miracle Recreation representative.